Desert Companion: The Coffee House

Desert Companion Jan 2013 coverIt’s been a while since I last had something published in Desert Companion. Almost a year, I think? But here’s my latest, a look at Water Street’s home for caffeine and culture, The Coffee House. I came across this little slice of Bohemia while scouting out downtown Henderson for a larger feature I’m working on. It ended up being one of my anchors, and with good reason: Tasty coffee, chill atmosphere, and free wi-fi.

If things have seemed quiet around here, it’s because I’ve been working on a lot of projects that are either long-form, or produced way ahead of their publishing dates. So this is the beginning of you seeing the results of work I did in the fall. Plus, there were those holidays things. And, just this week, I’ve fallen victim to The Crud, which sucks, but as one friend pointed out, at least I made it through the holidays relatively healthy. Although, I’m pretty sure it was the excess celebrating during the last month that weakened by immune system in the first place. But either way, I think the worst few days of the cold are behind me, but now I just have to deal with my nose filling up with stuff every 10 minutes.

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