Support CBLDF this ‘Giving Tuesday’

Seduction of the InnocentI know the general concept behind “Giving Tuesday” is a good one, even if the context is a little contrived: “Oh, we just spent three days reveling in conspicuous consumerism, now we need a day of giving to make us feel better about ourselves.” But I say, let’s not mire ourselves in the details, and just go ahead and take advantage of this reminder to be charitable.

With that in mind, I’m hoping you’ll take this opportunity to help me help the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a worthy non-profit organization that works to provide legal aid for comic book retailers, publishers and, yes, even readers whose first amendment rights have been violated. How does that happen, you ask? Check out these case files.

To commemorate the opening of the “Seduction of the Innocent” exhibit at Alternate Reality Comics last month, I created the poster seen here, and had only 100 copies printed up for the show. They’re individually signed and numbered, and will not be reprinted. I’m offering what’s left of these high-quality, 11×14-inch, glossy prints for the first time online in honor of Giving Tuesday, with all proceeds benefiting the CBLDF. They’re only $5 each plus shipping, which is a goddamn steal if you ask me.

They’re perfectly frame-ready and not only make great holiday gifts, but also will make you feel like less of a louse for splurging on a new Wii U for yourself when you were supposed to be shopping for others this weekend by helping to support a great cause. So buy one or two or ten today, but do it quickly, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

And thank you.

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