Where I’ll Be: Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival


Oh, look, WordPress affixed a “4” to the end of this permalink. Guess that means this is the fourth year I’ll be appearing at the annual Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival, happening this Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Clark County Library.

This year, I’ll be multitasking a little more than usual, as not only will have to hold down the Pop! Goes the Icon table in the main hall, but also appear at least two other times in the Main Theater. The first will be at or near 11 a.m., during a screening of Brandon Jerwa’s documentary film, Untold Tales of the Comic Industry, which I helped produce (you know, by giving him cold hard dinero). That should be cool — I honestly don’t know if this is a final or working cut of the movie, but either way, it will be the first time I’m seeing more than three minutes of it. If you are into comics at all, and want to know more about the people behind them, you should come see it. I think I’ll be introducing Brandon. And maybe moderating a Q&A. Not sure.

My second appearance in the theater is a little more, um, active: Along with Jarret Keene, we’re going to be the one-time backing band for Kirby Krackle‘s live performance at 3 p.m. Yep, I’m back on the drums for this gig, which will either rock mightily or suck hard. I won’t know until Friday night, which is the first chance the three of us will have to actually rehearse together. I’ve been practicing to album versions of the set list by myself for the last two months, but I have no idea how this will go over once we’re all in a room with nothing but our alleged chops. So … um, come see for yourself? Bring earplugs.

Aside from my nonsense, there will be all sorts of fun happening all around that day, including panel discussions, drawing demos, writing workshops, art jams, etc. etc., so block out the day, bring your favorite people/family/whatever, and celebrate the joy that is comics! It’s FREE, y’all.

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