Vegas Seven: Geek Massive

VEGAS SEVEN 09/27/12 coverThat’s weird. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of Eli Roth before, but in the one on the cover of this week’s Vegas Seven … we look kinda alike. Or, I guess as much as any other toothy, pale, black-haired, big-eyebrowed semi-Jewish guys look alike. Actually, until Roth brought his new house-of-horrors attraction, Goretorium, to Las Vegas, I didn’t know who he was, outside of occasionally seeing his name pop up here and there. My current pop culture knowledge is in some real sad shape.

Anyway, I checked out Goretorium last night during a preview party hosted by Seven, and it’s one hell of a production. We’re talking quality and attention to detail that I imagine normally goes into Roth’s horror films. It was a fun experience, with plenty to look at (and dodge), but I wouldn’t say any of it was particularly “scary.” Then again, I’m one of those jerks who can’t suspend his disbelief and frustrates haunted house actors by making jokes in their faces. Regardless, if you want to see some twisted stuff and are into the gore thing, Goretorium is probably right up your alley. I’m just not sure if it’s quite worth the admission price that starts at $40 a person ($35 in advance). But you may think otherwise.

Oh, but also in that same issue of Seven, I preview the two comic book conventions that are hitting Las Vegas this weekend, Las Vegas Comic Expo and MorrisonCon.  I already gave you the low-down on the Comic Expo (where I’ll also be manning a table, come see me, all right?), but you can get more info about the celebration of all things Grant Morrison in that article, as well.

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