Pre-order Lust to Dust

lust to dust cover

The image above was removed by the Facebook Gods, presumably because they could not tell the difference between a graphic of an actual penis and that of a cactus. But I can, so there it is, the cover to the forthcoming comic book anthology, Lust to Dust. It’s a hardcover collection of stories about, or relating to, Nevada’s misunderstood and oft-maligned legal brothels, and the lineup of talent that local boy Michael Ogilvie has gathered is super impressive.

In addition to local fine artists, writers and illustrators¬† such as F. Andrew Taylor, Jarret Keene, Vic Moya, Sam Reza, Chris Bauder and others, the book also features work from such underground comix legends as R. Crumb and Peter Bagge. And somehow, among all this talent, there’s a six-page story written and drawn by me. I know, crazy, right?

You can pre-order a copy of this book for only $25. I’m not sure where else it will be available when it ships (in October, I believe), but I’m fairly certain there will be a release party, and I’m thinking it might be at a whorehouse. We’ll see. Either way, the book is sure to be a welcome addition to racy coffee tables everywhere.

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