Desktop snapshot, 3/30/12

Desktop snapshot

Actually, up until a few minutes ago, my desktop looked more like this, but under direct sun, it even started to get too warm by 10:30 a.m. I’m trying to cram in some catch-up work on The Utopian Foundation, scanning some Homemade Comics, working through distractions, etc., before I move on to prepping for tonight’s As Yet Unbroken CD release party at Theatre7. Yes, it’s many hours away, but I have to make sure all our gear is packed, set lists are printed, camera batteries are charged, alcohol is purchased, etc.

All that said, we’re kind of hoping for a miracle tonight, because Tim, our singer, came down with a flu over the weekend, which turned into laryngitis this week (likely aggravated by a rockin’ rehearsal) — basically, the worst timing ever. I want him to feel better just for his own health, but obviously it would also be nice for us all to sound great playing our first live show in more than a year. People associated with the band seem to be falling ill all around: Our old guitar player, Rick, was going to do a guest appearance on a few songs tonight, but he also got sick, and won’t be able to join us now. I’d better be really careful today not to slice off a finger or something.

Once that’s all done, I have to redirect my attention to a six-page story I’m slated to do for a new anthology that’s coming out later this year. The deadline is May 1, but I’m not the type to wait until the last minute (mostly), and I really need to crank that out over the next two weeks … especially because I’m also in the midst of rolling out Foundation. It’s already written and thumbnails are done, but now I have to do the real artwork.

Anyway, that’s about all I have time for now. I hope to see you kids tonight. If you want to make it to the AYU show, but can’t, we’re going to probably stream it live on the internet. Tune in!

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