Desktop snapshot, 2/11/12

Desktop snapshot, 2/11/12

It occurred to me today that whenever I put new art “out there” on the web, whether it’s a new pleasure drawing, a commission, or a work-in-progress, I usually cross-post it to a few places: DeviantArt, Tumblr and Facebook, depending it’s stage of completion.  But I rarely post here, on my own blog/website. That’s just … dumb. No, really, it’s stupid. I have this problem: I always worry that I’m over-saturating the internet with my work, because in MY purview, I see it posted to three or four different venues. But the fact is, only some people see it in some venues, just like Tweets passing in a timeline — someone at 2 a.m. won’t necessarily see something you posted at 2 p.m.

Hence, I’ve decided to get out of that frame of mind and start updating THIS site more regularly, instead of just when there’s a new project or appearance out there to self-promote. It’s ridiculous how self-conscious I’ve become about blogging over the last few years. I guess it’s because four or five years ago, I was just a writer. I wrote about stuff, and everyone who followed me did so for the reason (or because I bribed them). Then I started playing in bands again, and that made me a writer who played in a band, an entirely reasonable thing in which people could maintain interest. But then I started making comics, and I started doing more visual art, and suddenly, I became worried that I’d alienate the people who don’t give a crap about art or comics or music or whatever. So I fractured my internet presence, even as I redesigned THIS site to encompass all those things. I launched Tumblr accounts and Blogger blogs and multiple Facebook and Twitter presences.

Ultimately, however, all of those things are just facets of one person: me. So I’m going to stop apologizing, stop over-thinking, and start putting it all out there. You’re all smart people who are as capable as I am in ignoring or glossing over posts that don’t interest you without un-following my exploits. Some of you are here because of the comics, but maybe you like rock music and will enjoy my band. Some of you are here because of my journalistic career, but maybe you’ll get turned on to a comic. You get the point.

And, so, once again, I use a “desktop snapshot” as an excuse to update this site and get my blogging juices flowing. The above Photoshop windows, by the way, come from a variety of comics and illustration projects that are in various stages of development, but of particular interest to (probably) many of you, one in particular: a sequel to The Utopian. Stay tuned. And look for an onslaught of backed up postings. We’re gonna get this party started.

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