Vegas/Rated: Katy Perry

vegas/rated cover november 2011Vegas/Rated is a new-ish magazine that rose somewhat out of the ashes of 944 magazine (same editor, same co-publishers). It’s full of all the sexy things about Las Vegas that most of the world loves: Pretty people, fancy nightclubs, boozy drinks, etc. And in its November issue, pop music ingenue Katy Perry is paid tribute with a series of illustrations commissioned to local artists. And somehow, I ended up being among those (seriously, how did I end up in the same circle as Casey friggin’ Weldon?).

Our assignment was to visually interpret lyrics from Perry’s song “Waking up in Vegas.” To be fair, I’ve never heard the song, but thankfully, that didn’t matter. From the lyrics sent by editor Melinda Sheckells, I chose the quatrain, “Why are these lights so bright?/Did we get hitched last night?/Dressed up like Elvis/Why am I wearing your class ring?,” because immediately, I pictured the already cartoon-esque Perry in a late-model Elvis jumpsuit. After shooting off a few thumbnail sketches, one of my concepts was approved, and the final result in the magazine looks something like this:

vegas/rated katy perry illustration

I can objectively say it’s not terrible, because someone actually published it, though you guys know I always think my illustrations look mediocre, so … I’ll just be quiet and let you decide. Oh, and pick up a copy of the issue. It’s not online yet or anything, but there are probably print copies appearing soon wherever sexy people are found.


  1. Marilyn Perez October 10, 2011 7:58 pm 

    We always love your art, but this one is amazing.
    Good job son!!!!!!!!!!!!