M life: Lounging Around

m life fall 2011 coverAutumn is finally here. I mean, yeah, it allegedly started about two weeks ago, but as the autumnal solstice or whatever was arbitrarily demarcating our seasonal shift from summer to fall, it was still 99 degrees here in shiny Las Vegas, so no one really noticed. But this morning, it was 63 degrees, and I am wearing my first sweater in six or more months, so I can finally declare: Fall is here.

The other way I know autumn has arrived? The new issue of M life magazine is now available at MGM Resorts properties (and online). Yes, the immortal Michael Jackson is on the cover there, but inside, the not-so-immortal Pj Perez has taken over the nightlife section once again, this time reporting on the wide selection of casino lounges and bars offered in this great city — and a few others.

Interestingly, this particular assignment was, for me, basically an updated, print version of what I used to do every day when I managed the content for VEGAS.com’s nightlife sections, especially the bars sub-section, which required a lot of regular maintenance and, yes, rigorous research. Of course, the irony is that back in those days, I didn’t drink, which kind-of helped, because I could report on the atmosphere and details of a venue with clarity, but I could only report on the actual drink selection based on hearsay (and press releases).

So now I’ve written about nightclubs and lounges for M life. Too bad casinos don’t have strip clubs (yet), or else I could secure the trifecta.

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