This Week: Seduction of the Innocent

seduction of the innocent flierAnyone who’s dealt with me over the last few weeks knows I’ve probably been more stressed than usual (and usually I’m not stressed at all, really). As we’re in the two-month ramp-up for the annual Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival, that’s basically status quo for me until Nov. 5, but in particular, a good amount of my time has been spent curating and co-organizing the opening reception for a new exhibit opening this Friday, Sept. 30 at UNLV’s Marjorie Barrick Museum called “Seduction of the Innocent.”

The exhibit is a visual exploration of comic book censorship throughout the medium’s 80 or so years, timed to launch during Banned Books Week. I’ve effectively created a shorthand timeline of major events and issues in the history of banned and censored comics (and it’s a rich history — we’re barely scraping the surface here) using reproductions of classic comic strips, covers, photos and other visual cues. And this is the first gallery show I’m curating all by myself, so … hopefully it doesn’t suck. I don’t think it does.

“Seduction of the Innocent” will be up through Oct. 29, so you can visit the Barrick basically anytime in October to see the show, but the opening reception this Friday from 6 to 9 p.m. is kind of a big production. In addition to being a satellite event for the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival, it’s also the final event of September’s Yelp Geeks Out promotion, so in addition to comic book retailers, a caricature artist and tours of the exhibit, there will also be live entertainment and free food and drink sampling. And a 100 percent chance of seeing me. So make sure you RSVP now to get on the guest list!

Hope to see you there. I’ll probably look tired, but your support will make it worth it.

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