Fund this: Untold Tales of the Comic Industry

ben TemplesmithThere’s a lot to love about comic books: The iconic characters. The vibrant artwork. The dynamic stories. The seemingly boundless opportunities to educate, entertain and inspire the imagination. And no matter the change or advance in the technology that puts these creations into our hands, whether scrawled on the back of a paper grocery bag or sketched on a Mac Pro with a Cintiq, whether read in a paperback digest purchased at a grocery store or delivered in an app on your Galaxy Tablet, it took one or more real people to conceive, execute and deliver them to your hungry eyes.

Comic book writer, indie filmmaker and all-around good dude Brandon Jerwa is making a documentary that focuses on those insanely creative people who — more often out of love than money — work endlessly at bringing comic books, graphic novels and cartoons to life. Called “Untold Tales of the Comic Industry,” the film is basically a collection of interviews with a huge scope of writers, artists and editors telling it like it is — what got them into comics, what they see is good and bad about the industry, where they see it going. Here, why don’t I let Brandon tell you more:

“Untold Tales” is down to its last 46 hours or so of trying to raise the remaining $3,000 of its $18,000 goal on Kickstarter, that crowd-sourcing site that has become the lifeblood for hundreds (thousands, more likely) of self-started creative projects. I’m asking you — both as a financial backer of the film and a guy who likes to see worthy endeavors happen — to consider donating even just $1 (though hopefully more) to help Brandon make this thing reach its full potential, and if you can’t, to please share the Kickstarter page or video (or this post) with your circle of internet influence.

Either way, the film will get made, but reaching the funding goal ensures it gets made with the best interviews and best opportunities for distribution possible. It’s come so far; I’d hate to see the funding goal not happen in these crucial final days.

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