‘Sugarhook’ returns at Neon Reverb Film Festival


Remember “Sugarhook,” the short film I co-wrote/co-directed/co-produced with my team Mechanical Cow Productions for this year’s 48 Hour Film Festival? Want to see it on the (relatively larger than in your living room) screen again? For the first time? At a (admittedly small) film festival? Hell, son, your wish is my command. Or, more accurately, Theatre7’s command.

This Wednesday, Sept. 7, at downtown’s favorite (and only) cinema dedicated to 100 percent independent filmmaking, Theatre7 (1406 S. Third St.) will host the first of two nights of the Neon Reverb Film Festival, itself just a slice of the larger Neon Reverb Festival, which used to be just a weekend of rad live music, but is now a week-long celebration of theater, comedy, art, poetry and, yeah, music too. Starting at 7 p.m., the evening of film will include a series of music-themed shorts (including the aforementioned “Sugarhook”) leading up to the feature documentary, “Unauthorized: The Story of Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics.”

This is doubly exciting for me. First, it’s the first non-48 Hour festival in which “Sugarhook” is being screened, even if it is a small, local one. And secondly, I grew up reading “Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics.” The series, published by Revolutionary Comics, published unauthorized biographies of musicians and groups, and drew particular ire (and lawsuits) from such diverse acts as New Kids on the Block and Guns ‘N Roses. I still have (I believe) my copies of the Guns ‘N Roses issue (seventh printing, maybe?) and the Rolling Stones issue. The information I learned from reading the GNR bio helped me win a radio trivia contest once, so yeah, watching a doc about the publisher (and its owner’s murder!) is cool enough, but having my film open for it? Doubly rad.

Anyway, I know it’s kind-of short notice (long weekend and I just confirmed the date today), but if you have $7 and nothing better to do Wednesday night, join me at Theatre7 for some popcorn and rock ‘n’ roll (on DVD). It’ll be a blast.

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