The Best of Omega Comics Presents, Vol. 1

I know it’s been a long time since I last updated this website. I know your RSS feed feels neglected. I know it seems like I only check in when I have some sort of self-promotion to conduct. But, um, you did see the name on the masthead, right? Anywaaay …

How are you? I’m good. In the middle of another system reboot. Not going to bore you with the details, because as these get more frequent and less rare, they’re also getting somewhat routine (and easier to get through). Nothing new to report there.

I turned 35, so that was a thing. Been working on some new articles for the usual suspects. Finishing preparations for the release of As Yet Unbroken‘s long-awaited debut full-length album. Been hanging out on Tumblr, posting old comics and new(ish) drawings. Oh, and then there’s this …

Omega Comics Presents

That’s the cover(s) for The Best of Omega Comics Presents, Vol. 1. It’s a 102-page trade paperback coming out in September from ye olde publishing company, collecting the, er, best stories from the first four issues of that anthology series. And of certain interest to you, my friends, is the inclusion of the full four-chapter epic that is “Omega,” which I wrote, drew and slobbered over.

This thing is only $7.95. That’s really cheap. The single issues of this series cost $3.99 each, so even just to get all of my stuff, that’s more than a 50 percent savings, but you get ALL THE OTHER AWESOMENESS. We’re talking some really good stuff in here, things that made reviewers write nice things without having to be paid off. So, you know, feel free to pre-order a copy if such if your desire. I won’t mind.

See, that wasn’t so bad, was it? OK, fine, it was half-blog post and half-ad. So?

Hey, don’t I owe you guys another installment of the Magical Musical Mystery Tour? Maybe I’ll do that next…

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