Sequential Madness

It occurred to me last week that I rarely post illustrations or even works-in-progress on this blog anymore. Part of that is because I haven’t been working actively on too many visual projects since finishing “War of the Ghosts.” But I have been doing sketches and other various drawings for commissions, at conventions, and just to keep the drawing muscles strong. A lot of these end up on my Deviantart gallery, so technically, yes, they’ve been getting posted somewhere, but Deviantart tends to be a closed community, despite being publicly viewable.

However, in the interest of avoiding clutter, I don’t want to start filling up this otherwise lovely site with a bunch of one-off, photo-only posts (my OCD won’t let me). So, I’ve created a new Tumblr called “Sequential Madness,” and I’ve set the goal of posting a drawing there every day. That means I’ll be pulling out a little bit of the old, a little bit of the new, and yes, there might be some stinkers. It also means it’ll likely force me to generate illustrated work even when I don’t feel like it — which is a good thing. I might even do little one-off comic strips or panels. WHO KNOWS?

I hope you’ll follow and enjoy. And I’ll still be posting the usual status updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses here, of course. But they’ll be somewhat newsworthy, and not just because, you know?

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