System Reboot Week 2011: Day 3

Sometimes I envy people who have jobs where their actions are routine or comprising only reaction, like the guy who quality checks the box of cereal coming off the conveyor, or the supermarket cashier who swipes groceries across a UPC scanner. They have a specific job to do and can do it — barring physical malady — on demand, without much thought or motivation. Meanwhile, us alleged creative types are expected to produce something out of nothing on specific deadlines, and more times than not, that something just isn’t coming.

Usually, when I have all the time in the world, I can’t seem to get my head in gear to write a story, draw a page or concoct a report. But when I have no time at all, that’s usually when my brain decides it’s inspired to do all of the above as well as launch plans for a million other things. This is probably why people tend to procrastinate in general — we seem to work better under pressure, against deadline.

I’ve been going back and forth the last few weeks with bouts of too much and not enough time/inspiration. Oh, sure, I hit all my deadlines, but sometimes the road to getting there is filled with a lot of stops at gas stations and rest stops. Of course, being in the midst of Reboot Week isn’t helping. I’ve been doing pretty well in general, no weird headaches or anything, but the hunger gets to me a bit, especially mid-day, and it’s hard to focus on anything when all my brain can do is look forward to food this weekend.

But it’s already Wednesday night, and I’m looking forward to the next few days: Going to make some curried vegetables tomorrow, then on Friday I’m hitting Go Raw Cafe for some awesome vegan nomz, and later that night, eating out with Sara for the first time in a week at Sweet Tomatoes. Until then, though, here’s what I chowed down on today:

  • Breakfast: 1 banana + 1 cup Dynamo juice blend
  • Morning snack: 1 Larabar
  • Lunch: Lentil & vegetable soup
  • Afternoon snack: Carrots and organic hummus
  • Throughout day: A handful of raw sunflower nut meats and a few raw almonds
  • Dinner: One raw flaxseed pancake (made w/coconut oil and a banana)
  • Evening snack: Strawberry fruit smoothie
  • Beverages: Aside from the above-listed juices, water all day, plus a few swigs of Trader Joe’s Green Protein juice.

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