Vegas Seven: 48 Hour Film Project

seven 04 14 11 coverThe crazy thing about finishing up this past weekend’s 48 Hour Film Project — I mean, aside from the whole process — is that after barely meeting the deadline and turning in our film, I couldn’t just relax and celebrate. I had another deadline looming: An article documenting my film making experience for Vegas Seven.

I didn’t plan to do something like this. Arts & Entertainment Editor Cindi Reed saw me post on Twitter about entering the competition, and then asked me if I’d be interested in writing first-person about the experience. I offered to do a journal-style report. Unfortunately, there was no time throughout the weekend to actually keep a journal. So it ended up being something more like a retrospective account. But I think it’s pretty entertaining and indicative of the controlled chaos of the weekend. The art director at Seven made a really nice two-page spread, so if you can’t pick up a free print edition, check out the interactive digital edition.

Our film did have its premiere last night at the Century 16 Suncoast theaters, and it went pretty well. As well, the short film itself is posted online now. That video — along with photos from last night’s festivities and a lot of other content you might enjoy — is on the Mechanical Cow productions page. Like us, won’t you? You’ll thank me later.

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