Where I’ll Be: Las Vegas Country Saloon

As Yet Unbroken at Rox Club

The boys are back in town. Actually, we didn’t quite leave town. But it has been since November that the band in which I bang on drums, As Yet Unbroken, has graced a stage to perform live. If you follow us on Facebook (and, um, you should), you’d know that’s because we’ve been hunkering down in my home studio, recording new (and old) songs for our forthcoming debut album. But we’re venturing back into the Las Vegas live music scene for one night because we were asked to play a benefit show for the non-profit co-op preschool our lead singer’s kid attends, and aside from being a good cause, it gives us an excuse to stretch our musical muscles once again.

So it would be lovely to see your faces at Las Vegas Country Saloon (425 Fremont St., above Mickey Finnz) at 8 p.m. this Thursday, Feb. 24 as we join fellow local bands Pigasus and Viva Valhalla for a night of fund-raising rock ‘n’ roll. If you’re over 21, you’re in like Flynn, and there’s technically no cover charge, but of course, any donation amount for Kids’ Co-Op is appreciated. We’re going to be playing new stuff, old favorites and maybe even toss in a surprise or two, so come on down. It’s a school night, yes, but it shouldn’t be too late for you sensitive types.

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