Vegas Seven: Sin City Gallery

Seven 2/10/11 coverI really meant to post this a week ago, which would have made sense since that’s when the issue of Vegas Seven in question actually hit stands, but life (or something like it) got in the way, so here we are: My look at the transformation of Laura Henkel Fine Art into Sin City Gallery ran as the lead A&E feature in Feb. 10’s issue of Seven. Of course, everyone’s already read the story, because it seems to have been passed around on Facebook, Twitter and I guess 60,000 or so copies of the print edition, which celebrated its one-year anniversary with that issue.

That’s a pretty major milestone, actually. Ninety percent of all new magazines don’t survive the first year. I might have made up that number, but it sounds right. And as someone who previously ran a magazine for this same publisher that only survived 11 months, I know a little something about that first-hand. It’s a testament to the staff’s combined talents, the company’s sales and marketing savvy, and maybe even the recovering economy that a THIRD newsweekly in a shrinking market has done so well.

I’m glad that I’ve been able to be a contributor to Seven from the beginning. When I was still employed full-time by Wendoh Media (its publisher), I was privy to discussions and meetings on the planning of the then-unnamed weekly (two years before its debut!), and even then, I thought the publishers were crazy. But apparently, they knew what they were doing. So, Ryan, Justin, Phil, everyone — congrats on your achievements, and thanks for letting me play in the sandbox every so often.

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