Desktop snapshot, 2/11/11

Desktop snapshot

I’m still kind of in radio silence, but just wanted to drop in to kind-of share what I’m working on currently. I’ve been hired to produce a comic book-style set of illustrations for a psychological study being conducted by some very cool researchers at UNLV (very cool because they commissioned me, right?). Thing is, I’m not sure how much I can talk about it or share behind-the-scenes looks at it, so I still have to be kind of vague. So here’s digital inks for a panel I’m currently working on (backgrounds come next). I need to have nine pages drawn, toned and lettered by the end of the month, which doesn’t seem too bad, but there are a lot of forests and battlefields to draw, so it’s fairly challenging.

There are some other new projects that have come up in the last week, but again, I’m not sure I can talk about them yet, but I promise, you’ll see the fruits of at least some of these labors by March. If you do need a Pj fix, I have a new piece of art hanging inside Studio 8 Ten in downtown Las Vegas through the end of February. It’s part of a group art show called “Project MUSE,” in which the public votes on its favorite artwork, and the most popular selection will become the basis for future lines of merchandise from Studio 8 Ten. If you want to check out all the pieces (and maybe vote on mine?), visit the show’s Facebook event page, which includes a gallery of all artwork being featured (you can vote by “liking” a photo).

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