Stealth mode

It’s that magical period when this website gets quiet, but not because I have nothing going on; rather, I have too much happening. I’m currently finishing a feature for a local cultural guide, painting a few pieces for a group art show, editing and mixing songs for As Yet Unbroken and finishing toning and lettering on the last chapter of my “Omega” comic serial.

On top of that, I’ve just started groundwork on a comic illustration project that’ll suck up most of my time in February, hence why everything else has to get done this week. I’m not sure how much of the behind-the-scenes I can share with you folks, but once I find out what I can, I definitely will, because it’s a really interesting project that crosses disciplines.

However, the fruition of some of these labors will be evident soon enough, so, you know, stay posted. And thanks for your support.

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