Can cancer be awesome?

When it’s in the “World’s Awesomest Cancer Comic Book,” sure.

We interrupt Choose Your Own Adventure Week to share with you a really cool project being assembled by my pal Jon Solo and his cancer-surviving partner-in-crime, Kaylin Andres, called “Terminally Illin’.” Here, I’ll let them tell you about it:

Yeah, so basically, kick-ass Kaylin kicked cancer’s ass (twice!), and instead of being all down about her experience, she’s decided to tackle it on head-first in a really creative way, with a project that will hopefully serve as inspiration to other folks battling cancer.

Where do you come in? Well, there’s only 16 days left for Jon and Kaylin to meet their Kickstarter goal of $8,500 to fund this project, and they’re at about the halfway point. That means enough people have to pledge to raise about $250 a day for the next two weeks or else the funding won’t go through.

So if, like me, you think this is a worthy (and fun!) endeavor, maybe you could pledge to donate whatever amount works for you. Or, ya know, just spread the word on your Twitterspaces and FacePages.

All right, as you were!

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