Where I'll Be: Studio 8 Ten

ROCKing pj, photo by Ray Alamo

I know this is coming sorta late, even though I’ve known about it for a while, but as we’re merely providing the soundtrack and aren’t really the main draw, I’ll forgive myself a little: My band, As Yet Unbroken, is playing for free tomorrow, Oct. 15, at Studio 8 Ten (810 Las Vegas Blvd. S. in downtown Las Vegas), for the gallery/store’s “Face to Facebook” art show.

Studio 8 Ten is a non-profit art studio and gift shop providing creative, business-based employment to people with disabilities. A percentage of proceeds from the art show will benefit Transition Services, Inc., which runs the studio. There will be works from 30 different artists on display, including AYU bassist Mark T. Zeilman.

Sursum, the electronic rock act featuring Mark and our guitar player Peter Stauber, will warm up the crowd at about 6:30, followed by the room-clearing aggro-rock of AYU at about 7:15. If you like art, music, booze, food and helping people with disabilities, you should totally be there.

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