Where I'll Be: N.O.I.S.E at Aruba Hotel

Click for BIG versionIt’s been a busy week. Last Friday, I attended the opening reception of “Unnatural History” at the Springs Preserve, immediately followed by a reception at the Arts Factory celebrating the 10th anniversary/vow renewal of my friends KC and Ryan. Saturday night was the Psychedelic Furs and She Wants Revenge concert at the House of Blues (after spending the day hosting a 1-year-old’s birthday party), and then Sunday night my band, As Yet Unbroken, played to a mostly-empty room at Boomers Bar.

That was not a bad thing, actually. The show on Sunday night was slated to feature four bands, two local and two from California. We showed up an hour early (9 p.m.) as instructed, met the lovely and helpful bartender/booker Tammy, and waited for the sound guy/doorman to show up. He never did. Instead, the bands (only three of us, the fourth slated act was mis-scheduled or double-booked or something) loaded out and set-up the P.A., and yours truly ended up playing sound guy all night. By the time we played (around 11:45 p.m.), it was just Tammy and about 5 or 6 of our friends/wives/etc. in the bar watching us — which was fine. It was like hanging out in a friend’s pimped-out basement jamming. A good warm-up show for the main attraction …

This Friday, at the Aruba Hotel, As Yet Unbroken will return to the Las Vegas N.O.I.S.E. Project to rock the big room. It’s free and open to all you motherlovers over 21, and we’ll be bringing our A game (or at least our B game). In addition, there are other bands, a communal drum circle, live sculpting and much more artsy nonsense. So you have no excuses. Unless you have to work. Or are in the hospital. Or on bed rest. But otherwise, get a babysitter and get your ass downtown, where we will proceed to rock it silly.

Oh, you should also get to the AYU website and vote on our next cover song. By June 30. Yep.

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