Recap: First Friday

We have found the way to the art ...

As I self-promoted in at least one or two places last week, my Friday evening was spent manning a table outside the Funk House at the corner of Casino Center Boulevard and Colorado Avenue, attempting to sell comics and pop art to the masses at First Friday. Despite having a location on the south side of the building (meaning I was facing away from all of the Casino Center action) and often being mistaken for part of the adjacent First Friday info table, it actually went somewhat better than expected. Though I didn’t sell as much art as I’d hoped (four prints and one set of postcards), I did a decent amount of comics – surely helped by the three-for-10-dollars deal I was offering on The Utopian.*

To be honest, I actually sold almost as much in four hours on a street in Downtown Las Vegas as I did in two full days at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle – and unlike the nearly $1000 trip to Seattle, the table at First Friday cost me nothing. Not sure what that portends, but there it is.

It helped that the weather was absolutely perfect – a rare day without wind – and the crowds were phat. I’m actually a little sad I missed cruising the art walk that night, but I did get a chance to preview most (but definitely not all) of the new shows that opened this week on Thursday night, including new works by Gina Quaranto and Peter Mengert at Place Gallery, and a mind-blowing exhibit by Philip Denker at Trifecta Gallery.

I may do the First Friday vendor thing again, though not until the fall. But stay tuned for upcoming First Friday appearances that may be more … wall-worthy.

*A number of people have inquired about obtaining the prints offered during First Friday, specifically “The Best at What He Does (Knitting Wolverine)” and “Giant Robot.” If you’re interested in either, just drop me an e-mail and we’ll work it out.

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