Buy this or else: The Utopian #3

Yes, kids, it’s that time again: Time to open up your hearts (and wallets) and prepare yourself for the next print issue of The Utopian. I’m sending off the files for the third collection of my love-it-or-hate-it webcomic to the printer this weekend, in hopes to have the books in time for the next First Friday, where I’ll likely debut the issue (more on that soon). If you’re the type who likes to have a real, printed tree pulp periodical in your grubby hands to read in your bed, at the park or on the loo, then you’ll probably want to pre-order a copy now. It features a sexy new cover by my man Hernan Valencia that looks an awful lot like this:

It also features an all-new splash page and a bonus sketch, both by yours truly. It’s only $5 for 24 full-color pages, and if you order prior to the scheduled May 5 release date, I’ll even sign it before dropping it in the mail. THE AUTOGRAPH ALONE IS WORTH IT.

Oh, and in case you need to get caught up and you don’t like reading comics on the web, you can also order the prior issues as well. Or if you live in Las Vegas, please visit Alternate Reality Comics or Comic Oasis and support both local artists AND local businesses!

/end shameless self-shilling

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