Vegas Seven: Gilbert Hernandez

Vegas Seven Feb. 18 coverIf you haven’t picked up an issue of Vegas Seven yet, you’re missing out on the latest and greatest hybrid newspaper-magazine Las Vegas has ever experienced, featuring dozens of pages of insightful reporting and commentary on urban affairs, arts and entertainment, society and …


Oh, yeah, so, my latest contribution is a nifty article about Love and Rockets co-creator Gilbert Hernandez, his USA Fellows award, what he’s working on right now, and other probing issues of our day. Did you know the beloved underground comics writer/artist has been a Las Vegas resident for 8 years? No? READ THE ARTICLE AND YOU SHALL. Or if you enjoy more visual displays, click on this link (requires registration).

In the meantime, I’m finishing up another art story for the March 4 edition of Seven. So please keep it down while I try to beat my deadline. Thanks.

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