Pocketful of Awesome

When we come to your town, hide your daughters. And sheep.

When we come to your town, hide your daughters. And sheep.

Shockingly, I launched a new project two weeks ago and have not promoted it on this blog yet.

We’ll fix that right now.

Pocketful of Awesome is a new, weekly podcast hosted by yours truly and the always-chatty Michael “Mikey Vegas” Willoughby. Because I didn’t have enough to do with the writing and comics and music. Nope, I had to add something else that takes up about six hours a week between recording and editing. But hey, you LOVE MORE PJ RIGHT?

Anyway, the second episode was posted today, and it’s an hour and 35 minutes of, um, two guys drinking and talking politics, music, news, pop culture and really whatever other tangent onto which we derail. The first episode was relatively coherent. This most recent one interrupts a musical segment to talk “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” and answers a listener question about little people’s clothes in ways that will surely offend and alienate most of our listeners soon enough, all while Mike and I slowly devolve into slurred giggling fits.

But, hey, if you’re dying to hear my voice every week, well, there it is. Pocketful of Awesome is available on iTunes, where we also recommend you subscribe and rate and review our nonsense.

And that’s all. I’ll probably be back tomorrow to shamelessly self-promote some other stuff with which I’m cluttering the media spectrum.

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