Vegas Seven debuts!

Vegas Seven coverSo if it seems like it’s been quiet on the journalism front around here, it’s somewhat by design. Obviously, I’ve been pretty tied up with launching a new comic book publishing company, as well as churning out my own comics, but that’s not the only reason. I’ve been working on stories for publications that are done but not printed yet, one for an old favorite (HRH) and a few for a brand-new pub whose first issue hits the streets today: Vegas Seven.

Vegas Seven is a weekly city paper that’s an innovative hybrid of a glossy magazine and an alt-weekly. It’s being published by Wendoh Media, who long-time followers of my work may recall published the incredibly awesome, but ill-fated, Racket magazine, for which yours truly was its founding — and only — editor. Seven has some talented mofos on its staff, people with whom I’ve either worked with often in the past or have been waiting to work with, and if the the first issue, which I peeped last night at the mag’s launch party, is any indication, it’s off to a good start.

Of course, part of that goodness is a story I wrote about Laurenn McCubbin‘s new art show, “Speaking to Las Vegas in the Language of Las Vegas.” I have a few more assignments in the coffer, so keep your eyes out. Right now, there is no electronic version that I know of, so you’ll have to be in the Vegas Valley to physically pick up a copy. And no, I have no idea where that would be, but I’m guessing a good start is downtown during First Friday, where I’ll be tomorrow night to immerse myself in the city’s arts and culture. And liquor.

Meanwhile, check back here soon, where I’ll be trying to sell you more comics again.

Update: The Seven website is now live, and my story on Laurenn is there for your reading enjoyment.

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