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Yes, it’s January and after a minor mix-up at the printer, The Utopian #2 is finally available for you kids to get your grubby little hands on. I have to drop my usual humility here and say these look pretty friggin’ good. It’s amazing how much better this story reads as a complete comic book, as opposed to a one-episode-weekly webcomic. And those covers? Man, Steve Downer‘s colors really made my art POP on the standard cover (left), and Hernan Valencia just knocked it out of the ballpark with the deluxe cover (right).

If you pre-ordered a signed copy from me, I’m dropping those in the mail today. And if you didn’t, you can click this link to have one shipped directly to your mailbox, or if you’re in Las Vegas, please drop by Alternate Reality Comics (4800 S. Maryland Parkway) and pick up a copy from Ralph, the world’s greatest comic shop owner.

Oh, and if you happen to be the world’s second or third greatest comic shop owner, you should be carrying this comic for your unwashed geek masses. They’ll love it. Contact me!

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