Buy a comic, support Haitian earthquake relief efforts

Buy this comic or the terrorists win.

Buy this comic or the terrorists win.

I don’t need to tell you about the devastation that’s wracked Haiti (more than usual) in the wake of this week’s 7.0-scale earthquake. What I am asking is for you to help me help the survivors by donating to Save the Children, one of my favorite charities who does continuous work in the field there — and whose own staff in Haiti has been affected.

You COULD do that on your own, but I’m going to offer added incentive by tossing in a comic book. Yep. It’s simple: Pre-order the debut issue of Omega Comics Presents, the new comic anthology series I’m publishing starting next month, and I donate 100 percent of the proceeds to Save the Children. To sweeten the deal, I’ve knocked 50 cents off the cover price and am waiving shipping charges. So your $3 goes to Save the Children’s relief efforts in Haiti, and in a few weeks you get a signed comic book and letter of appreciation from me.




  1. Mama Kay January 20, 2010 8:00 pm 

    Awesome idea Captain Awesome. Thanks for the opportunity to help a very worthy cause. I will be watching my mailbox, unless you would like to keep my copy till I see you guys.

    Sending love to all, Momma K

  2. Pj Perez January 26, 2010 1:46 pm 

    Kay – how about I save the bennies on mailing and hand-deliver it to you next month? 🙂