Omega Comics Presents revealed

Sorry for the lack of updates. If you’ve been following me on Twitter (and why wouldn’t you be?), you may have caught on that I’ll be revamping this site soon to focus a little less on this poorly-updated blog, working toward more of a portfolio/brochure site. In the meantime, though, here I am. And I’ve brought with me the cover for the first issue of the new anthology series from my lil’ comic book company, Omega Comics Presents:

These screens ... they glow ...

Set for release in February, Omega Comics Presents features three all-new, original stories from writers and artists scattered around the globe. No, really. THE GLOBE. Including the lead story by yours truly, the first chapter of an epic, action-espionage drama called “OMEGA.” Epic, I say.

“OMEGA” is actually a story that has existed in many different forms over the last 20-plus years. Much like The Utopian, it has its roots in those homemade comics I cooked up when I was a kid. Unlike that webcomic, however, this tale is completely different, bearing resemblance only superficially in characters’ names and abilities.

I started shopping around the entire graphic novel pitch to indie publishers last year, but after I launched Pop! Goes the Icon, my workload became suddenly heavier, and it didn’t make much sense to send projects off to other companies when I was in the midst of starting my own. So “OMEGA” is rolling out in short chapters with each quarterly issue of OCP, with the goal of wrapping up the rest of the story in full, graphic novel form.


Anyway, there’s some really great work in this first issue by folks such as Alex De-Gruchy, Robert Durham and John Dimes, stuff that will make my puny scribblings look amateur. And even more amazing comics in the second issue! But, um, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I need you to first pre-order the first issue of OCP. It’s only $3.50, and it’ll come right to your doorstep. And the aforementioned creators get paid based on sales, so it would be really nice if not only could I afford to pay for the printing, but that I can actually pay these fine people for their hard work.

The comic will also be available in stores, though just which ones I don’t know. That’s because our comics are distributed by Haven Distributors, which specializes in fulfilling indie comic orders. So if you would like to see OCP carried at your local shop (or if you’re a retailer yourself), please be sure to let Haven know.

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