Still examining art: Las Vegas Street Photography

I love reading and watching process pieces, when an artist opens a window to the creation of works we’d otherwise not see until they were finished and ready for public consumption. Whether it’s a comic book illustrator’s blog, an in-the-studio music video or even a behind-the-scenes feature on a film, I find the nuts and bolts of the artistic machine to be fascinating. And I think as a culture we do as well — that’s why you kids love the Blu-Ray things with 14 hours of bonus features, right? Right.

So I was quite pleased to have the opportunity to follow an artist at work a few weeks ago for my latest piece. When photographer Kenneth Lamug pitched me a story on his upcoming street photography show at the College of Southern Nevada, I instantly thought this would make a great entry in my series of videos about the Las Vegas art scene. Unlike painting or sculpture, where the artist isn’t as camera-friendly in the midst of his or her work, Lamug’s photography approach — roaming the streets of Sin City letting his camera lens spontaneously capture life as it’s happening — is perfect for moving pictures.

I think the video turned out to be one of the best I’ve cut so far, and I’m still pretty sure I’m one of the few — if not only — folks at generating original video. Hope you enjoy:

Las Vegas Street Photography from Pj Perez on Vimeo.

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