Buy this book: One Con Glory

Guys, it’s November 3. I know in various parts of the United States, that means it’s Election Day. The fine people of Virginia and New Jersey are deciding on their next governor. New York and Atlanta are weighing the options for their respective mayors. And in Maine, voters will decide whether or not gay marriage is legally upheld in that cold, Northeastern state.

But around here, today is a special day for a whole different reason. Because today is the official release date of the latest book from our friends at Alert Nerd Press:

One Con Glory cover

Yes, One Con Glory is available for you to get into your grubby hands. Written by the lovely and talented Sarah Kuhn, One Con Glory tells the tale of an obsessive fangirl and her all-consuming quest for a particularly precious action figure. But more importantly, it features an illustration by the one-and-only Pj Perez. Yes, in the good company of such webcomics auteurs as Benjamin Birdie and Max Riffner, artwork by THIS GUY helps propel this “twisty romantic comedy for the obsessive fangirl in everyone.”

Layla Lee by pj perez

But of course, the only way to read this funtastic tome and see what art I wrought upon the world this time is to buy the book. Sarah needs money. Probably to buy comics or movie tickets for New Moon or whatever.

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