Buy this book: Under Pressure

Curt Franklin and Chris Haley — I wouldn’t call ’em dear friends, but I would call ’em internet acquaintances (I’d also call them webcomicdom’s non-couple power couple) — create one of the most clever, well-written, ably-drawn, entertaining webcomics on the ol’ interwebs. It’s called Let’s Be Friends Again, and it features, um, cartoon, Bizarro-world versions of Curt and Chris talking about comics. Sometimes it features parodies of comics. And movies. Or cartoons. But mostly it’s just Curt and Chris being all … them.

Apparently, at one point in the recent past — though not that I remember — I said something vaguely amusing about the guys’ strip. So what do I find on the back cover of Let’s Be Friends Again‘s first print collection, Under Pressure, but this:

Let's Be Friends Again Back Cover Go!

Yep. If you’re going to buy this 64-page book, don’t do it because it’s chock full of four-color fun and creator commentary. Do it because you are a Pj Perez completist, and must have every piece of dead tree bark upon which my name appears.

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