Las Vegas Weekly: Air Raid Anthem, Slow Children

Las Vegas Weekly cover 8/13/09Another week, another Pj Perez takeover of the Las Vegas Weekly‘s “Noise” section. This time it’s the double-punch of a short feature on pop-punk act Air Raid Anthem and a review of the new CD from long-time local hard rock band Slow Children.

Air Raid Anthem is not the type of band I’d normally listen to, falling in line with all those interchangeable, synth-infused, post-emo bands out there, none of whom I’d probably be able to identify on the radio if I heard them. But though I didn’t want to like it at first, the band’s debut EP, Ready to Get Sweaty, isn’t bad. There’s good songwriting, sing-along choruses and even some surprising twists. The second track on the disc, “Unsolved Hystories,” reminds me a little of stuff from The Killers’ first album. That’s a good thing.

Slow Children … well, I don’t want to write too much here, as I actually reviewed the disc already, but I will say that after only tangentially hearing about this three-piece band but never seeing or hearing them before, I now a) want to see them live and b) want As Yet Unbroken to play a show with them. I think our melodic, diverse, hard rock sounds would work well together. Let’s make it happen, guys!

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  1. Jason August 14, 2009 8:25 pm 

    Slow Children are great…though Im not a fan of the name..