Uncle Pj introduces … Zack Attack!

Zack Attack!

I don’t typically get too personal on this here bloggy-blog, as I have enough creepy stalkers out there (all of whom I love and appreciate, of course), but I hear you interwebs people like that sort of “I can identify with this fella because he is human like me” connection, so I’ll oblige:

On Friday, June 26, my brother Joshua and his wife Jennifer welcomed into the world their first child — a bouncing, baby boy named Zachary Benjamin.  That means your pal Pj is now AN UNCLE. Woe be to my new (first!) nephew, for I have decreed that he shall be exclusively referred to as Zack Attack! (exclamation point VERY necessary). I warned Josh over dinner a few months ago that, by choosing to name his forthcoming son Zachary, I would be forced to call him Zack Attack!. And not surprisingly, Josh was totally fine with this. He even claimed to have named Zack Attack! after the one-and-only Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell. I’m sure he was not serious, but if he was, that instantly elevates him to a level of awesome of which I can only hope to one day attain by naming my first-born “A.C.,” training him in the ways of perms and wrestling, and insisting he call his cousin exclusively by “preppy.”

In case you want to follow the exploits of Zack Attack! further, the baby has a blog somewhere out there in cyberspace (seriously, even unborn children have blogs? ZOMG). Furthermore, you may want to subscribe to Josh’s blog, “404 Error – Failure to Communicate,” in which he writes about wrestling, comic books, music and other stuff in a manner so gregarious it’s overwhelming.


  1. M&S PEREZ June 29, 2009 4:01 pm 

    AH!! TO COOL!!!

  2. josh June 29, 2009 7:20 pm 

    Zack Morris was truly the inspiration for my bouncing baby boy, because what name inspires more coolness and confidence than Bayside High’s big man on campus? Thanks for posting our mugs on your site and plugging my tiny endeavors, bro. It is appreciated. Stay tuned to Zach Baby Blues for the latest in all things Zach, sure to be greatly enhanced by the actual arrival of Zach at our home which is bound to happen sooner than later. Peace out.

  3. Mama Kay June 29, 2009 9:09 pm 

    Congrats, congrats on that healthy, beautiful, new baby boy ZACH. Have fun being an uncle, I’m sure you will do a fine job. Is your mom beside herself, knowing this precious little bundle is here and she is not?! I personally would be going nuts, but that is me.

    Kiss SKG for me, miss u 2, Love, Mama K

  4. Marilyn Perez June 30, 2009 11:44 am 

    Regarding comment, Mama Kay. You are right, I hate the fact that we are so far away, but unless we move to Vegas there’s not much I can do except visit, and look at the pictures Josh e-mails constantly.
    PS. Love your daughter, she is awesome.
    Sincerly, Marilyn

  5. Pj Perez June 30, 2009 11:45 am 

    OMG the families have taken over the interwebs. OH NOZ.

  6. Marilyn Perez June 30, 2009 5:12 pm 

    OH YEZ !!!!