I can haz lazy schedule plz?

Now with 100% more trench coat action!

Now with 100% more trench coat action!

As I threatened a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to slightly modify the posting schedule of my weekly webcomic, The Utopian. Previously, I was promoting two pages as “episodes” released every Wednesday. Due to the restrictions of the ComicPress template I am using, what was actually happening was the posting of one page on Tuesday, one on Wednesday and then a bunch of confusion among people who go directly to theutopiancomic.com looking for the start of a new, two-page episode but actually get the second page.

So to undo that confusion and, honestly, make it easier for me to write, draw, letter and color two pages a week, I’ve opted to post one page every Wednesday and Friday instead. Yes, it’s the same number of pages weekly, but it allows traffic to spread out across the week AND hopefully will increase the quality of the strip and leave me more time to work on other things, like, you know, freelance writing, playing music and even top secret comic projects. Yep.

Of course, if you subscribe to the RSS feed for The Utopian, none of this matters to you, because you will get the updates as they drop anyway, right? RIGHT. OK, as you were.

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  1. josh June 17, 2009 5:48 pm 

    I don’t think the word “lazy” and PJ Perez can belong in the same sentence, yet alone the same universe. You’re the hardest working man in show business, good god y’all! Get on up! (That’s a little James Brown for you non-funky people).

    You crank them out, we’ll eat it up. Rock on.