The one with the nosy (but cute) reporter

utopian p 016 previewWhat may not be entirely obvious to readers of my weekly webcomic, The Utopian, is that I’ve pretty much drawn entirely on my own high school as the model for the setting of the strip. A few things have been changed, but from the brown-and-gold colors to this week’s outdoor quad, The Utopian owes quite a debt to Bonanza High School.

That being said, Part 002 of the comic comes to a conclusion today. In the next chapter, “Special Interests,” we’ll start to see both the consequences of The Utopian’s activities as well as some of the ugly politics going on behind closed doors at Sagebrush High. And then you’ll want to sit tight for Part 004, “Out of the Closet,” in which we go off-campus for some face-smashing action. You won’t be disappointed. I hope.

I should be able to keep up the pace, but I’m also working on tweaking the first 16 pages of The Utopian for a print sampler I’ll be publishing in a limited run and giving away at San Diego Comic-Con in July. As I posted over on The Utopian blog, I’m looking for cover artists for these upcoming print editions, and I have to move pretty quickly on the sampler, so if you know a good artist who may be interested, send him or her my way.

In other comic-related news, um, I sent out another proposal this week for the “big” series I’ve been hinting at for a few months now, and am wrapping up the plot of a potential Zuda entry with a new artist to be announced. Yes, I know, I am being vague again. You know how it is, kids, no specifics on projects until they are done deals.

But I did finish off another article for the Las Vegas Weekly, so look for that in tomorrow’s paper. Or when I go on about it here.

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