The one with the Homecoming game

And after a brief journalistic foray, we’re back again to the comic business. It’s been a pretty cool week in that realm for me. I received verification of my first-time-ever professional badge for Comic-Con International in San Diego. I’m going to be attending a planning meeting for the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival on Thursday, where I’ll likely hold court in November at my first artist/vendor table (hawking print editions of … stuff!). And, of course, I launched the site for my webcomic The Utopian, the latest two-page installment of which you can read … NOW. Yep, it’s fresh today. Here’s a preview:

utopian page 10 preview

Yep, it’s totally out of context and lacking dialog. DOESN’T THAT MAKE YOU WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT’S HAPPENING? OMG CLICK HERE NOW, OK?!

I’m sending out the official press release announcing the relaunch of Pop! Goes the Icon today, so I’m working on thickening up my skin for critical reaction to the goods that, thus far, my friends have lied to me and told me they’ve enjoyed. Yowza.

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