Still examining art: Nevada Ballet, CCSD, more

This Fine Arts Examiner thing is interesting. It’s giving me an opportunity to broaden my understanding of facets of the arts I’ve previously had little experience with. During my time as a contributor to the CityLife and as editor at both The Rebel Yell newspaper and Racket magazine, I covered visual art inside and out, from interviews with artists and gallerists to assessments (let’s not call them reviews) of painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography and other gallery staples.

But areas such as dance, opera and — to some extent — poetry are fairly undiscovered territory for me, journalistically.  So forgive me if I stumble a bit, but I have to say I’m fairly pleased with my first review of a ballet performance, and expect to see more such coverage in the near future. Here’s what you may have missed:

In the works are reviews of the “Classic Contemporary” show at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art and the new Danielle Kelly exhibit at Henri & Odette, and other stuff that’s all artsy and whatnot. If it’s your thing, be sure to sign up for RSS updates. Go art!

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