Where I’ll Be: Harrah’s Rock Band Competition

In case there are any doubts of my ability to rock, LOOK AT THAT FACE.

In case there are any doubts of my ability to rock, LOOK AT THAT FACE.

You’d think it would be enough for me to play in a real rock band (As Yet Unbroken, for those not paying attention). But no, because of my insatiable appetite for filling my days with more stuff to do than time allots, I’ve signed on with my friends Scott and Cynthia and my brother Joshua to compete in a Harrah’s Entertainment-sponsored Rock Band competition. Our group, called SP7.3, will be performing Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer” as well as whatever mystery track the judges choose for us on Tuesday, April 14, sometime around 9:30 p.m. at the Carnaval Court just outside the Harrah’s Las Vegas hotel & casino.

Why is the group called SP7.3? Well, Scott and I, along with Brian Henry, formed a group called Side Project Seven (SP7) a few years ago. After Brian dropped out, my former bandmate Ryan Couevas (guitarist in Rahne and keyboardist in Morgana Athena) temporarily joined, entering the genesis of SP7.2. So, logically, our latest endeavor — which is not really an endeavor at all — is verson 3.

Also, I haven’t owned or used a video game system since the late 1980s, when my family had a Sega Genesis. So I’m pretty out of touch with gaming in general. But Scott’s house (where I used to dwell as well) is something like a distraction wonderland, with multiple gaming systems, giant TV, pinball machines and plenty of liquor, so inevitably, if you’re hanging at Scott’s house, you’re playing games (and probably drinking). Thus my entry into the world of virtual music groups.

I’m not great on Rock Band guitar or bass (I have too short an attention span for matching colored dots), but adequate on drums (you know, like I am in AYU) and ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL on vocals. I will be ready for either. So come cheer us on, buy us drinks and sing along if you’re in Las Vegas next Tuesday. Or just laugh at our expense. It’s sure to be good times either way.


  1. perez April 10, 2009 6:27 pm 

    you guys have fun, wish we could be there to see my boys doing their thing.Perez…

  2. Steve April 12, 2009 12:02 am 

    That is indeed quite a rock face. Kudos.