Not coming soon: ‘Iron Man, Agent of A.I.M.’

Oh man, you guys, I really love your enthusiasm and support. I really do. However, while a few of you sniffed out the fishiness abound in my April 1 post, not nearly enough of you connected the dots on this one — which is fair, as I kinda targeted the announcement about my alleged forthcoming Marvel Comics series, Iron Man: Agent of A.I.M. to my friends in the comic industry.

But really, I think the problem is, the punchline of the post was this “one-page preview” image which apparently few visitors clicked to view:

Click to April Fool's-size it!

Click to April Fool's-size it!

Yes, readers of my old geek-in-review blog will recognize this as a page from A.I.M.2: Power Corrupts, a graphic novel I wrote and drew when I was, um, 15 years old, a project I found going through some old files last year and mockingly reviewed over a few posts on the Pop! Goes the Icon blog. It’s funny stuff, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The truth is, yes, I actually AM working on a few comic book pitches, but they’re what we call “creator-owned properties,” and not of the mainstream, spandex-clad variety (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). I’ve been pretty secretive about this stuff because, as mentioned in the April Fool’s post but actually fully sincere, I don’t like to publicly air details on projects that are not absolutely done, ready-for-press deals. But I will say this: The main project I’m shopping right now is something like the mash-up of 24, Heroes and the Bourne series of films. If that sort of super-powered, fugitive, espionage, secret government agency type of stuff is up your alley, well then my friend, hang tight and save your pennies.

Otherwise, a heartfelt “thanks” to all my friends and visitors who so robustly congratulated me on “news” delivered during an April Fool’s blog post. As I lamented on Twitter that day, you really can’t trust a single news story, headline or blog post with an April 1 date anymore. Really.

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