Still examining art: Smith Center, Oz and videos

Just a reminder: I’m writing regularly about Las Vegas fine arts over at That includes visual art as well as theater, poetry and anything else that comes along under the vast topic of “fine arts.” Recent stories you may have missed:

One thing I am trying to do — something it appears is relatively unprecendented at — is incorporate original video reports. I did regular video blogs at VEGASinsight, but that was more me doing a talking head thing than actual broadcast journalism. So expect to see more nifty pieces such as this one I threw together about Jennifer Maupin’s photo exhibit at Henri & Odette:

So if you live in Las Vegas and want to keep somewhat informed on the fine arts scene here, feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed for my Examiner articles. And if you’re using Vimeo, please add me as a contact, as I’ll be posting my new video material there. If you’re already subscribing to my YouTube videos, don’t worry: I’ll be adding stuff there as well, just slightly delayed.

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