Computers are not as smart as they look

The bug giving some Bleeding Neon followers using Internet Explorer problems the last few days (as mentioned in detail yesterday) has been isolated: It was, indeed, the RSS feed of stories I added to the right sidebar last week.

Problem is, it only appears to affect certain people, and not all users of IE 6 or 7. (Warning: Mild geek speak ahead.) When I tried the site on IE 6 running on Windows XP Pro yesterday, I got the error message. But when my friend Mike tried on IE 6 on XP, he had no problems. And when I tried it in IE 7 on the same build of XP in Parallels on my iMac, it was fine as well.

So I removed the widget and tested the site on IE 6 on XP Pro again, and sure enough, it’s working fine now. My dilemma now is this: Do I cater to the maybe five percent of users out there who may experience issues accessing Bleeding Neon, or do I re-add the widget displaying my latest stories to drive traffic to that site from the other 95 percent of visitors?

Or do I just say “F it” and put up an animated gif of a dancing baby? DECISIONS.

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