Got fine art? I’ll examine it.

So in the midst of everything else I have going on, I decided to add just one more little thing to my plate, and if you either a) like art, b) live in Las Vegas or c) even better, both “a” and “b,” then this news is for you: I’ve recently joined as the Las Vegas Fine Arts Examiner. What does that mean?

Not sure, actually. But I think it means I’m writing about art in Vegas.

So far, I’ve written three stories in the last three days, and haven’t even done my pre-First Friday round-up yet, so for anyone who STILL thinks there is a dearth of arts culture in Sin City, I have only this to say: THPPPPT.

If you want to keep up on what’s new and upcoming in the world of fine (and, let’s be honest, not so fine) art in this unholy desert outpost we call home, please subscribe to my RSS feed. Or you can go old school and bookmark that nonsense.

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