The Two-Penny Review: Motorik’s ‘Klang!’

klang by MotorikIt’s hard enough for me to find time to buy and/or listen to new music, let alone review it. And I’m not particularly fond of reviewing anything to begin with, which probably explains why in my career, I’ve only penned about a dozen proper reviews. The whole businesses of music (or art, or movie or any other creative endeavor) criticism leaves me somewhat dry. It’s so subjective, I wonder sometimes why we even bother.

Still, I do like to share, and publicists do like to send me things, so I’ll take a few seconds today to tell you about Klang!, the forthcoming debut LP from Seattle-based trio Motorik. The band’s official bio (which sorely needs to be rewritten) compares it to such 1980s mainstays as Echo and the Bunnymen and Killing Joke, and the group’s publicist swears singer Sio sounds like a female Robert Smith, though I don’t hear it. To me, Motorik combines the dance-punk fervor of The Rapture with the caustic vocals of PJ Harvey, enhanced with the plunky basslines of early Cure material.

Either way, the nine songs featured on Klang! are punchy, fun balls of postpunk revelry with just enough pop to keep your ears sweetened amongst the sometimes salty delivery. “Six Filters” will have you double-checking your iPod to see how Siouxsie and the Banshees got on there, while “Box of Knives” finally answers the question, “What would an Interpol/The Duke Spirit collaboration sound like?” Thanks to Motorik, you’ll wonder no more.