Today’s Economic Crisis Moment of Zen: Grocery Stores

Albertson’s: It’s Your Store.

Oops, we take that back: It was your store, if you live near Tropicana and Eastern avenues or Lake Mead and Jones boulevards. Because those locations of the grocery store chain are scheduled to close on Feb. 19, according to Las Vegas Now.

And their sister Lucky stores aren’t, well, living up to their name either, because the following four locations are also shutting down on that date:

  • 4801 W. Spring Mountain Rd.
  • 2021 E. Lake Mead Blvd.
  • 2400 E. Bonanza Rd.
  • 1324 Craig Rd.

Hey, did anyone else notice all of these locations are in lower income neighborhoods and/or minority-majority areas? And who says institutional racism or class warfare are things of the past?

But hey, at least Las Vegas’ oldest predominantly Black neighborhood isn’t being walled in and cut off from downtown or anything, right?

It is? Oops.

Yes sir, we are living in a golden era of equality and opportunity for all.

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