This consumer likes electronics shows

Six Degrees Las VegasThe umpteenth annual Consumer Electronics Show is due to hit the Las Vegas Convention Center next week, from Jan. 8 to 11. Not coincidentally, I wrote up a preview of this year’s tech-geek mecca for the just-released January issue of Six Degrees Las Vegas. If you’re so inclined, bust out the magnifying glass and click over to page 47 of the online edition of the little lifestyle magazine for my 200-odd words of pulse-pounding prose proselytizing prosaically on terrific tech toys to tantalize your tastes! (Beat that, Stan Lee!)

As I wrote in the article, companies are keeping relatively quiet in advance of the show, but 2009 CES Innovations Honorees announced in November include WowWee’s Rovio – a roving, WiFi-enabled robotic webcam that can be remotely controlled from anywhere – Mitsubishi’s 3D-ready LaserVue TV – which allegedly blows away HDTV – and the HP TouchSmart series of computers, with an iPhone-like interface already gracing retail store shelves.

I followed CES for last year, and will be attending again this year. So expect some blogging to that effect next week, and if I shoot video, maybe I’ll actually remember to edit it and post it, instead of leaving it sitting on my hard drive to rust for 12 months — which I apparently did last time around.

Look to next month’s Six Degrees for a couple more stories I penned, possibly about places in which alcohol are served, if I remember correctly. Hopefully the photography accompanying those is sexier than the image of Bill Gates gracing this month’s piece.