I check my look in the mirror …

… I wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face!

Thanks, Bruce. But not really.

So I started typing up a long-ish post about goals I set out for 2008 and how many were or were not acheived, and why, and what needs to get done in 2009. And then I realized, after writing about 650 words, that the committal of words to screen isn’t what’s important — it’s the mere exercise of assessing one’s present in order to map out one’s future.

Or, you know, a reality check.

2008 went well. Hell of a lot better than ’07. Got a sweet iMac. Paid off some credit cards. Got the band out of the bedroom and into the clubs. Drank less, ate better. Convinced a beautiful woman and her two silly-but-sweet dogs to live with me. Moved into a great old neighborhood and learned to love Las Vegas again. Didn’t pass out in a nightclub men’s room stall even once.

Obviously, 2009 is looming. In some parts of the world, it’s already here. What needs to happen? Well, things could maintain and I couldn’t complain (though, I would), but let’s see …  Sell this comic book series that I’ve actually finally found time to write. Polish up and send to my agent the TV series treatment. Revisit and rework Bleeding Neon book proposal for non-commercial publisher. Take the band out of town. Record a full album. Go to Wonder-Con. Pay off the rest of my credit cards. Buy a bicycle. Eat more fruit. Take more naps. No, more.

Tonight, I ring in 2009 from the Paris Las Vegas hotel & casino. I’ve lived in Sin City for half my life and have never spent New Year’s Eve on the Strip. First time for everything, I guess, huh?

We’ll leave 2008 behind with a totally random clip from when Saturday Night Live was still funny:

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