Shake your gritty maker

And Iran ... Iran so far away

And Iran ... Iran so far away

See that sexy cad in the above photo? That’s Geoff Carter. He taught me everything I know about being a man.

OK, technically that is a lie, but it wouldn’t be a terrible reality were it true. Carter is — aside from being the most naturally gifted writer and photographer I have ever had the pleasure of knowing — well-versed in music, literature, pop culture and, most relevant to this post, alcohol consumption and the places in which to engage in said imbibing.

So it’s imperative that you direct your wandering cursor to the new blog (sorry, Geoff, “bl-g”) he’s recently launched with his fellow Seattle-ite Mark Shaffer, Gritty Shaker. It’s about bars. It’s about booze. And knowing Geoff, there’ll probably be roller derby references aplenty (oh, look, there’s one!). And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll subscribe to the RSS feed pronto.

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